Sep 15, 2010

Video: Christine's Anti-Masturbation Campaign

Christine O'Donnell is that outsider whom the GOP establishment does not support enthusiastically.  This vintage 90s video shows her opposing masturbation.  I know that the current administration supports fisting and other intimacies outside marriage as it distributes condoms and fisting kits in the public school system - even to kids as young as 6.  So, I find Christine's support for chastity, purity, modesty and decency refreshing and encouraging.  It will do more to uplift the morality and character of our youth than what the Obama administration is currently doing - that much is for sure.
If video fails, go to

But more than just a nice lady, Christine can win because of the following:
Five Reasons O'Donnell Could Win from Ace of Spades:

"1. Coons could always self-implode. There is a small but nontrivial chance any politician will simply blow up. Odds are maybe 2% of that, but it's somethin'.

2. Coons isn't ideologically suited for Delaware himself. He's called a "bearded Marxist" -- he too may be too extreme for Delaware. Thus, we'd have a Republican too far to the right battling a Democrat too far to the left...
3. Coons may not be a great practical candidate, either. Mike Castle just wins elections -- until now -- so when he entered the race no more experienced Republican challenged him. And, I think, no serious Democrat rose to the challenge, either. Just Coons. (In fact, he was unopposed for the nomination -- apparently no one else wanted it, like O'Donnell versus Biden.) So he's not a superman, either.

4. O'Donnell could actually grow as a candidate. She's got a serious amount of work to do, and I don't know if she can do it. But until now she has been entirely on the defensive against attacks from within her party (which is something that has caused a lot of anger among her supporters). Now she's freed up from the constant defenses to do something besides all that. ...

5. The Red Wave might even be bigger than we thought. Actually, I don't know about this one, because I was already thinking of an even bigger Red Wave than most people were and even my big Red Wave, in my mind at least, wasn't enough to do the trick. But with a little help from Coons, and a little help from herself... who knows."

And she's as sensible as anyone else, contrary to what the lamestream media wants to make her look like.


Mike in CT said...

Awesome! Rachel Maddow must have been having a cow watching it.

Young people need to hear this, pardon me if I swipe it.

Rick said...

@Mike: Mi casa e su casa. Swipe away & spread the truth.

Subvet said...

I assume Maddow was airing it to prove what a wingnut O'Donnell is.

If THAT is the kind of "baggage" the woman has then she should run for President!

Rick said...

@Subvet: I agree with you re: the possible motivation of making her look extreme and fanatical. And that is why I put it out in the open. If fornication is peddled as the norm, then the kids need to know better. And I know that in their nature is a drive for something higher than to wallow in impurity and lust.

Subvet said...

Rick, your reply put me in mind of the testimony from a lady who's "been there, done that". I'd recommend checking out this blog entry by the Ignorant Redneck's daughter:

Rick said...

@Subvet: Excellent recommendation. I like the part that even during college parenting is welcomed by the children.

Barbara said...

Good grief!!! This woman is 41 years old and has never been married! You mean to tell me that she never has had sexual relations and never has pleasured herself? I know that I shouldn't trash an unmarried woman, but why did she impugn the sexuality of Congressman Castle, a married man?

I don't have a problem with people pushing abstinence, but the anti-masturbation line is really extreme. In this video, Ms. O'Donnell implies that masturbation could ruin someone's marital sex life. How would she know this, if she's never been married?

Rick said...

@Barbara: How does she know that masturbation can ruin sex life? From moral teachings of the Church, from biology, sociology & psychology. One does need to have cancer to understand and prognostic on it.

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