May 27, 2012

Scorned muslim men burn women's faces with acid


Subvet said...

Imagine if a Christian fundamentalist had done this. The MSM would be vibrating with the outrage against all followers of a supposedly misogynistic religion that hated women. But Islam is a "religion" of peace?

Rick said...

I agree. I have lowered my expectations from the MSM. To me they whore for the top bidder - Obama, muslims, commies, pinkos, Democrat scum - you name it. I just saw MSNBC fuming about Romney having Trump at a Vegas fundraiser. Now I see them as a paid propaganda outlet - nothing more. If they are on in the gym or cafeteria, I look for their sponsors - to boycott.

Anonymous said...

Scorned men rape and kill and they're more common than women in the same manner. Let's face it, Muslims are fed up with changing society and this is what they do to women who wrong them.

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