May 14, 2012

Muslim Turks Crucify Christian Armenian Women Naked

This was circulated in the web with the comment:
"This is a recently published photo that was guarded by the Vatican Secret Archives. Is the slaughter of Christian Armenians, victims of the Muslim Turkish armies. "It has made me ashamed to be man," said Monsignor Pagano Sergic at the time of submission. The Turkish soldiers "played" with Armenian women pregnant, some "played dice to guess the sex of the child before killing the fetus with the bayonet, once removed from the womb." More than a million and half Armenians Christians died as well in the first world war, but who knows? This March 25th is celebrated in many places the "Day of the Unborn" .....Source: Silvia S."

The picture was actually from a movie.  But the Turkish Genocide of the Armenians is still real.  See BBC presentation at my home page.


Dymphna said...

Why do we never hear about the Armenian genocide?

Rick said...

Not only will it embarass Turkey, it will expose Islam as a homicidal and inhuman cult that bears neither spiritual nor uplifting elements. It is a fraud of a religion, using God name to justify rape and murder, conquest and theft.

Anonymous said...

We don't hear about it because people are too fearful of islames and nobody effectively stands up to them. Those people are so insane that we tend to take more effective measures to prevent injury from mad dogs. But the REAL mad dogs are human and they adhere to islam and they have no regard for any but themselves, and even that is questionable. They're sick and MUST be stopped, and will be, just as soon as we understand that islame is ANYTHING BUT a religion. It's a suicide pact with the devil.

Julian Manitowabi said...

Same reason you never hear about the genocide of countless North American Aboriginals.

Anonymous said...

JM, you've been drinking too much fire water while wrapped in a Union blanket to keep you warm.

Get some rest,


Hadil said...

You forget that the children of those mothers were raised by the Muslim families in Dayr el Zor. It has nothing to do with the religion... Turks didn't spare Muslims' lives.

Hadil said...

It has nothing to do with religion. Turks didn't spare Muslims' lives. Don't forget that the children of those mothers were raised by the Muslim families in Dayr el Zor.

Anonymous said...

We need to make the Turks pay for their atrocities. An equal number of Turks should be handed over to the Armenians. "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life."

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