Nov 19, 2016

Eucharistic Ministry - a country club of old, white, rich Liberal women in the Archdiocese of Washington, DC

When my kids were babies, I went to Mass at a neighboring parish with a secluded "cry" room. I also put my school aged kids in their school because it won a Blue Ribbon for Excellence in Education unlike my own parochial school. Later, I decided to become a Eucharistic Minister there to deliver the Lord to the home bound & the bed ridden after the Church announced the need. I attended the meeting and filled out the forms for my contact information. The group was mostly rich, old, white Liberal women. After the meeting I headed out to the parking lot and noticed that I was being tailed. She saw me get in my dad's 2001 basic model Toyota Corolla. I never heard from the group ever since - until they were commissioned at Mass. I guess they only have room for their kind. But that did not stop me for serving as I went back to my parish & taught Faith Formation ever since. After a few years, a scandal broke this year. Their Director of Youth Ministry was arrested for sexually assaulting some of their youth.

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