Dec 6, 2008

No thanks to God on Turkey Day

These days there are posters in the buses that read, "Why believe in a god when you can be good for goodness sake?" Released just before Thanksgiving, these are meant to start the practice of taking God out of the holiday and promoting atheism.
First of all, one does not need to believe to know that there is God; one simply needs to think. (Cfr. philosophical proofs )
Then, there are supernatural events e.g. the solar phenomenon at Fatima that has been reported even by non-believers. And recently, the apparitions in Zeitun, Egypt. This is recorded in utube: .
More often, there are witnesses, accounts & deeds of believers. The women who consecrated themselves as they follow the Late Blessed Teresa of Calcutta were not converted by sermons but by the life of a person who loves God.
(Picture: To deny God's existence is to masquerade as God. )

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