Jan 10, 2009

Sweet lemonade

It was what I did when I was in between jobs that seemed to matter most. Back then, I took my late dad for his cataract surgery. We got his new car together and went shopping at CostCo. But that changed when I started working again as I spent 10 hours a day in the office & 2 on the road and then some over the weekends. I stopped visiting him. When he came to visit, I asked what he needed & worked on it quickly. He once asked me if I wanted to browse at Radio Shack, I told him, "Not really." That was the last time he ever asked. From then on, his visits became less until they stopped.
I called him one weekend while I was at work to impress him with my diligence. The next day, he stopped by. I asked him to sleep over. In the morning I fixed him some coffee and he took it as though he was accepting my reparation. As I was about to leave for work and he for his place, he lost his keys and seem bewildered. When my wife found the keys, I asked her to hide them. That night I got my brothers together and had dad brought to the hospital the next day. He died the day after.
I now drive his Corolla that we bought together to remind myself that I did take care of him when I had time. I feel that I could have done more, but it’s too late.

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