Aug 31, 2009

For little girls: Pole Dancing or Purity

If we don't train our daughters in purity, modesty and chastity, the world will teach our little girls how to pole dance.

For starters, we can talk about two modern day saints who excelled in purity e.g. Saint Maria Goretti and Blessed Laura Vicuna.

Blessed Laura Vicuna (1891-1904)

Saint Maria Goretti (movie scenes)


RobKPhD said...

What the heck?!? Where did you find that toy - that is disturbing.

Rick said...

I found it from one of the Catholic Dads blog entries. It is a warning to parents of the threat and risks out there.

There is a need to teach about purity, modesty and chastity but there's not a lot of material out there and there's even more confusion on what to teach.

Later, I found out that Oprah addressed pole dancing (for the wives) as good exercise and a way to keep their husbands from going to the girly bars. And I too asked, "What the heck?!?

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