Aug 11, 2009

The poor here are set; give abroad instead.

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My apologies to the Churches in the US but, I think people need to send their donations to the churches in the third world. Over here, the poor have food stamps, rental subsidy, unemployment benefits and other government programs. The churches here are air-conditioned with fresh cut flowers artistically arranged. The priest's vestments have golden threads and the statues are commisoned art works. My parish built a belfry with bells that play a tune. And the churches here have millions e.g. in CT the priests stole 2 million. (Sorry for airing the dirty laundry.)

Abroad, the children forage in the trash for food. When they're sick, they cry in anguish with their guardians who weep helplessly with them. Their shelter is from cardboards, their clothes from tattered rags. Later, they become parents and the vicious cycle gets perpetuated unless someone intervenes to cross out that pattern.
For details about the video, search the web for the ANCOP foundation. Donations there are tax deductable and fully documented.

Another charity can be found at.

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