Aug 6, 2009

Work, dogs, law, neighbors, bishop, babies & praise

Are you unemployed, underemployed, furloughed, exploited or unfairly treated at work? Visit for perspective.

Three days ago, I rearranged my lawn furniture and that got my dog all tangled up. Guess what, someone called the cops who took my dog. Since I worked late, I had to pick the dog the next day and pay close to a $100 for the dogs stay, transport and paperwork. I felt like donating the dog were it not for my kids. Now I keep the dog in the house when I leave and smile more at my neighbors.

Also, I didn't know that my dog had a chip implanted in her that let the cops scan her info. She was a gift but can you imagine that on a dog. It's wierd because over here, if a child has not yet taken a breath through the mouth, then it is OK for the doctors to crush her skull. And, there were cases when a child had been born then placed in a shoe box and left in the closet to die.
Back where I came from, the Church would have gone ballistic, nuclear even. But here, my dear Archbishop Wuerl is willing to give Holy Communion to legislators who support abortion despite a standing canon law prohibition. Search the web and see if I am making this up. I know it is hard to believe. It's even harder to put that in perspective. This closing song provides a way to cope.

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