Sep 14, 2009

Polish bishops warn Catholic politicians that abortion support risks excommunication (US bishops need to eat more polska kielbasa.)


Warsaw, Poland, Sep 6, 2009 / 06:10 pm (CNA).- The Catholic bishops of Poland have issued a document on the value of healthy families and pro-family policies. At one point, they clearly warn Catholic politicians that they risk excommunication if they voice support for or acceptance of abortion.

Discussing the duties of Catholic politicians specifically, the document said it is “absolutely not true” that a politician or government member “has to, or can, act against his conscience.”

“When it comes to God's law, everybody is equal, politicians included,” the Polish bishops said.

The bishops said that anyone who publicly contradicts fundamental moral values, such as the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill,” by voicing support or acceptance of abortion should be immediately excommunicated, Polskie Radio says.

My commentary: 
Can someone comment on why the US bishops do differently?  Perhaps they need to eat more polska kielbasa.

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Anonymous said...

The reason is US politicians have tons of money.That's why.

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