Sep 12, 2009

Video: (How some Catholic vote went pro-abort)

If the Catholic vote put Obama in power despite his anti-life platform, it is because certain Catholics were alienated from their parishes and were welcomed by groups sponsored by the Democrats - imho.

Video source:

Video description:
When a young, irreverent priest arrives at Saint Patrick Parish in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he discovers the unexpected—boiling ethnic tensions in a changing working-class community. Filmed over four years, Scenes from a Parish tells the wildly diverse personal stories of Father Paul O'Brien and his unruly flock, as they struggle to hold onto faith in the face of desperate circumstances.Ty Burr of the Boston Globe declares, "Steer the faithful, and everyone else, to "Scenes from a Parish," a surpassingly lucid little documentary. It raises more questions about the church's place in a changing world--and touches more emotions doing so--than any big- budget studio folderol."

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