Oct 17, 2009

Blog: Encounters with a Harvard educated endocrinologist

When my doctor asked me to see a endocrinologist, I checked who's in my network and started calling around. Long story short, I found an opening with a doctor who was just moving in our area. And she's from Harvard. I guess I was lucky to get in her list before it got filled. I had a couple of appointments already and at the end of our sessions, Dr. Angeline would inspect every sore on my feet holding them with her hands. The last time I had a woman do that is when I accompanied my wife in a saloon where I got this foot treatment where the dead skin got scraped off. The pedicurist or whatever she's called had a mask on but was almost choking. And I've been with another endocrinologist before who came from a much less prestigious school but, she never checked my feet.

This made me reflect on humility. Humility is not thinking less about yourself as much as thinking of yourself  less.  Conversly, it is thinking of others more. So, Dr. Angeline gets on her knees and inspects my sores by hand to treat me as best as she can. She forgets herself as the high and mighty Harvard doctor and heals me with the gifts that God has given her.

P.S.  The incarnate Son of God did something more.  Not only did he wash the apostles' feet to show us how it is done, He cleansed us from our sins with His blood.

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