Nov 24, 2009

Video: Spiritual realities shown by ghost captured on tape.

Please be warned that the images in the video have reportedly driven people to insanity or suicide.  So please consider this warning before watching.

The video shows ghost(s) that may or may not be real.  I'll leave it up to you.  I think it is real and I posted it to convince people of the spiritual realities.  Others ignore that aspect of life and plan to cross the bridge when they get there.  However, it may be too late by then if they ended up being and doing evil.  So, to wake people up here it is.  Again if you tend to be frightened easily, then you may want to skip this.

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Subvet said...

Ah yup. That'd scare the pants off anyone.

I've had a couple of spiritual encounters over the years. Nothing very dramatic but enough to get my attention.

Now I'll try going to sleep. Good thing we have a night light for the kids.

Rick said...

I know. That's why I posted the warnings. After seeing that, I ended up praying more when I am in the dark.

breadgirl said...


I can't believe your reaction is real. Surely, you are having us on! This isn't for real. I believe in the hereafter, in eternal life, but this video is just tosh - like all those scary, but untrue, Hollywood movies. I watched it and I have not gone insane or anything else untoward. Other than this video, I like your blog. God bless you - and anyone you happened to scare with this nonsense!

Rick said...

Hi Breadgirl,
I wasn't sure about it myself that is why I put all the disclaimers. The last manifestation, if at all, may be a troubled and lost soul that has been lingering because of unresolved issues. I don't know; it might be bogus. So, I leave it to the reader for what it's worth and do correct me if you find out. I take the post down faster than a NY minute. God bless u 2.

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