Dec 8, 2009

Blog: Granny goes back to Church after reading this story

For whatever reason, my late grandma stopped going to church while I was growing up.  When I entered the seminary after high school, I sent to her a story and that changed the rest of her life.

This was from the "5 Minutes a Day" book of meditations.  There was an old woman who went to church daily all year round.  On one harsh winter day, she was the only one there.  After Mass, the priest asked her how she managed to get to the church when all others stayed away.  She said, "I just say to myself, one more step for Jesus."

After reading that letter, my granny became a daily communicant and her disposition became a lot better.

When I entered the seminary, I told myself that if I can save even just one soul by becoming a priest, then it would be all worth it.  Even if I did not make it to the priesthood, I think that this is the Lord's gift to me for giving it a try.

1 comment:

Gina said...

Great story.
Thanks for sharing.
Something for us all to remember...'one more step for Jesus'.

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