Dec 13, 2009

Blog: When PP gets to your teenaged daughter

Last Sun., there was a family sitting in front of us and with them was a ticked off, p.o. d tween or teen. She did not want to hold hands during the Our Father and refused the kiss of peace from her parents. But she was too young to refuse to come along so that's why she's there. The father looked like a kindly and patient soul but he also looks helpless as this brat acts out her displeasure.

I wonder if PP started to get to her. As you can see from the video below, they have a program to seek out and befriend the young then separate them from their parents and values. It is their strategy to boost sales. They encourage these kids to be promiscuous and get pregnant in the process. And that's where they cash in as they aim to have every teenager to procure 3 abortions.


I think they're really desperate because they have crossed the line into corrupting minors. Then again, with the government on their side, the risk is calculated if not mitigated. But they might not have anticipated the fathers' responses. If your daughter was deliberately and actively turned away from God and her family and then transformed into a fornicating slut who would kill her babies, what would you do?


Subvet said...

"...If your daughter was deliberately and actively turned away from God and her family..."

Okay, stupid question time. How does this happen in our present day culture without the approval of the parents? I realize the culture of death is out there and actively working against anything decent, but in this particular scenario at least a lack of parental supervision is implied.

Yep, I know there are quite a few parents not worthy of the title and they would be the ones to have a daughter stray in that fashion.

Other than that, how could it happen? I'm asking as much for knowledge of possible danger to my own family as anything else.


Rick said...

I agree with you. If the parents have a rapport with their child then there'll be communication that'll expose PPs advances early on. However, with adolescent rebellion comes the rejection of all authority. PP can leverage that and become the souce of information as well as support for sexual matters. Some kids will be more vulnerable than others as you pointed out depending on the kinds of parents that they have. I'll keep an eye out on how they plan to get into the schools. The abortuary that I picket is next door to the school, so that's how they can gain access to the kids.

Subvet said...

"The abortuary that I picket is next door to the school,..."

Yuck. About as appropriate as a "massage parlor" in the same location.

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