Dec 27, 2009

Democrats can still win in 2010 & 2012.

There is obviously a lot of anger out there for the Democrats but they seem unperturbed.  Some are still cocky as they rub the GOPs noses on their success with the healthcare reform.  They do not have a leg to stand on and their platforms suck.  They're for the culture of death, their opponents for life.  They're blatantly upholders of a culture of corruption;  the other of integrity.  So, what gives them confidence?

They must still have their Rock the Vote support.  Where are the young Republicans?  They still have the fake Catholic organizations that will personally contact marginalized Catholics.  Will the bishops denounce those?  Will the Jesuits still support the one?  They still have demographic groups e.g. the homosexuals and feminists that are not included in any conservative party.  They have ethnic minorities that feel out of place in the GOP.  Has the GOP reached out to those?  They might have pseudo conservative agents that divide the opposition.  I already read about a Constitution Party coming up and about.  Then there's Joe Lieberman and the Independents.

Bottom line, despite the anger and frustration, the Democrats can still win in 2010 and 2012 because it is about numbers.  And all the TEA party goers and pro-lifers may still not add up to give them the boot.   Remember the shock when the entire student body of Notre Dame cheered, "Yes We Can!"

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