Dec 27, 2009

HuffPost Kirk Writes "Ted Kennedy Having a Merry Christmas In Heaven"

"He's having a merry Christmas in heaven," said an emotional Sen. Paul Kirk, D-Mass., who was appointed to fill the seat after Kennedy succumbed to brain cancer in August. Kirk said it was an honor to essentially cast Kennedy's vote as Democrats passed the Senate's version of a bill that would extend insurance to 30 million Americans."  

I tried to put my 2 cents in by somehow my comments get censored out so, I'll do them here.  First, Ted Kennedy is not likely to be in heaven because he supported abortion laws that led to the massacre of 50 million unborn children despite the admonitions of his Church.  He persisted without any remorse until the day he died writing a letter to the Pope about his other accomplishments.

This leads to the second point i.e. the other accomplishments of service to the poor which Ted might have encouraged does not dispense from following all the tenets of his faith.  One does not pick and choose which commands of Almighty God to obey and which to discard.  If something needs to be discarded, it would have been the latter because the right to life trumps over the right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

As far as the health care bill is concerned, one needs to consult the teachers of the faith for what the people of God believes.

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