Dec 25, 2009

Democrats Will Continue to Bribe and Buy Votes

Democrats Voted to Continue Vote Buying

Those Who Got a Sweet Deal

Sen. DeMint introduced an amendment to prohibit bribery but it was dismissed by the Democratic senators who voted against it.  So, vote buying will continue and the healthcare reform bill will advance almost inevitably to become the law of the land.

Clearly there is something terribly wrong here as a tyrannical majority tramples over the rights of half the country.  And people know this and are hoping that the lawmakers will stop this travesty.  But with the Democrats in-charge, the opposition can do little or nothing except throw their hands in the air.  They need to throw their shoes in the air instead as the American public gets robbed in broad daylight.  If the parliamentary procedures do not work then they must do things outside the box and try alternative ways to stop this.  If you see your son being mugged,  you don't raise your hand and say, "Point of order Mr. Chairman.", you pull a tire rod out and come out swinging.  And the scary reality is this, if the folks on the hill don't do this, then the people on the streets will.

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