Jan 3, 2010

Covering for Santa. Life flashes in Facebook. Christian Communism.

Covering for Santa.
Santa messed up in my 7 year olds eyes.  Instead of Sponge Bob Legos, he brought Sponge Bob Play-doh.  So, my boy was mad and sad.  Tonight, we went to Target and ToysRUs to get him something that he likes.  The message that I am sending is that Santa might have given him Play-doh, but God gave him his dad who will try to make his wish come true.

Life Flashes in Facebook.
They say your life flashes before you as you die;  it must be something with the brain as the neural networks traverses all the nodes for one last time.  However, I see my life flashing before me now as I find almost everyone whom I have known in Facebook.  From cousins who grew up with me, childhood friends, classmates in the seminary, students, co-workers, companions in prayer groups, in-laws, out-laws almost everyone except for those who would rather not be my friends.  So as my life flashes, so do the lessons learned on how to live.

Christian Communism.
This seems to be the idea behind spreading the wealth - like it is a charitable thing to do.  However, Christian Communism is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.  When the early Christian community pooled their properties, they did so willingly.  Taking people's properties by force, the way the Communists do, is immoral because people have a right to their possessions.  So, the idea of spreading the wealth is immoral.  And as a system, Communism has not worked.  Can anyone name a prosperous Communist or Socialist nation?  Even China has modified the economics of Communism such that is it quasi-Capitalist.  And one simply needs to look at history, in order to avoid it's mistakes.  I don't understand why some political leaders are acting as though the Berlin wall has not fallen, the U.S.S.R. has not disbanded and there is no famine in North Korea.

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