Jan 25, 2010

Light a candle series*: Privatize mass transit.

Why don’t we privatize sections of mass transit that make sense. There can be more buses and more routes. There can be mini-buses faring on shorter circuits. This will encourage people to take mass transit and reduce the cars on the road. With more buses, the wait time is less. It contributes to national security by reducing dependence on foreign oil. It promotes health and preserves the environment by reducing carbon emissions. It creates jobs for drivers, conductors, mechanics, supervisors and support personnel. It’s been done abroad and it works.  
* It is better to like a candle than to curse the darkness.

1 comment:

Subvet said...

Privatizing=making something show a profit in order to survive. As opposed to being government funded where no amount of red ink can kill it, the taxpayers just ante up more.

Running something for profit and efficency. Gee Ma, what a concept!

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