Jan 10, 2010

Vid: Is a New American Revolution Immanent?

"WASHINGTON - From bailouts to boatloads of spending, there's no denying that Americans are mad.
Emotions are high at Tea Party protests across the country and now it's showing in the polls.They range from very angry, at 46 percent, to 25 percent being somewhat angry at current government policies. ...White House officials have no plans to dial back on their agenda in 2010. They believe the bailouts, health care reform, and stimulus money for jobs are crucial to improving the economy.  But it's a risky strategy: if the economy doesn't turn around, the big government cry of socialism against President Obama could get even louder."

source http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/politics/2010/January/Anger-at-Big-Govt-Fueling-New-Revolution/ or click here

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