Feb 13, 2010

iCarly's Dancing Bra, Suite Life of Zack & Cody & St. John Bosco's "Goodnight Talk" before the "Great Silence"

Source:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7z2RR1CgnQ  or click here
In this video, the dancing bra tells ghosts stories.

While snowed in, I watched the same shows with my kids. There’s Nickolodeon iCarly about 3 tweens and their web-based show. There's a voluptuous dancing bra that makes an appearance from time to tome like the segment above. It seemed harmless enough until I found a Google search for ‘Boobs and Tits’ in my computer's history.

Then there's “The Suite Life on Deck” where smart-alecky kids lie all the time. And the show finds it acceptable and humorous most of the time. So, my 10-year old lied about feeding the dog until the poor animal foraged for food in the garbage last night.

These are Disney shows but they’re nothing in moral content like those from the Wonderful World of Disney decades ago. So, I'm cutting out cable TV. And I’ll give a good-night talk in the way St. John Bosco did to his homeless youth. The good-night talk is done after night prayers and contains a moral lesson from something that happened during the day. That is how St. John Bosco made faith part of life. And psychologically, it is a most effective time to instill good thoughts. The talk is followed by the great silence – in the monastic tradition where no one talks unless it is an emergency. That silence ushers in sleep but also combats dissipation and distractions. The serenity and stillness brings recollection and a sense of God’s awesome and mysterious presence.

The reckless distractions from TV has to be not only filtered out but replaced with wholesome and spiritual thoughts.


Subvet said...

We ditched the TV after Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction". Just too much garbage all around.

I like the idea of a good night talk. Any suggestions on how to implement it with children 6 & 5 years of age?

Rick said...

St. John Bosco used incidents from the lives of saints to illustrate how faith is lived. He also drew from the events of the day to get spiritual insights.

Anonymous said...

Can we count it as penance to watch these with our children?

A bra, huh?

Anonymous said...

This may be more edifying than iCarly..

Rick said...

Penance is right. I feel that I've done my share for this coming Lent already - specially if you see the cartoons like Fan Boy and Chum Chum or Sponge Bob Square pants.

Anonymous said...

It Nickelodeon not Disney.

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