Jan 24, 2013

Obama Wants 100,000 American Students to Study in Communist China

From   http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-wants-100000-american-students-study-communist-china

"CNSNews.com) - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday will celebrate the launch of a newly rebranded organization called the “100,000 Strong Foundation,” which aims to have 100,000 American students studying in China by 2014.

Thursday's event will "underscore the importance of study abroad in China and the benefits to our strategic relationship with China as well as the personal benefits individuals receive through these exciting experiences," the news release said."

My comments:
These students are the future decision and policy makers who will then have a new mindset forged in Communist China, not of traditional American values.  Now what can go wrong?

As writers have foreseen,  America will turn Communist without firing a shot.

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