Jan 24, 2013

Benghazi Investigation: Vindicates "Truthers" , Exposes Lies of Obama Administration and Media

The Benghazi investigations have vindicated the so-called "Truthers".  It has proved that the government from the very highest i.e. Obama and other officials e.g. Clinton, Rice and many others have repeatedly  lied about the cause of the riot that led to the death of the US ambassador in Libya together with many others.

But more investigation is needed to uncover other activities that the Obama administration is trying to hide e.g. who gave the stand down order, stopping all rescue efforts, that led to the death of the ambassador and his defenders after 7 hours of fighting and more importantly, why was such an order given.

The media derides those who seek to expose the truth and yet the truth comes out and derides the complicit media.  The "Truthers" are the uncorrupted soul of America that reveals the wrong doings of the current administration and demand justice.  The questions are, "Will justice prevail and will the media continue to be complicit in supporting a perverse and unethical administration?"

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