Mar 5, 2010

Video: Tensions Mount at Louisville Abortion Clinic

Click the link -> Creative Minority Report: Tensions Mount at Louisville Abortion Clinic#comments#comments
or go to

Check out the video posted at this link and watch a tiny sidewalk counsellor make a last ditch effort to save the unborn child. The comments are also inspiring and informative.

Patty in CT wrote "You have to wonder if at that moment, God is allowing the voices of those Guardian Angels (of both Mother and Child) to be given human form in those counselors for life. Can't you just see the Angelic figures pleading for the souls of those they have been sent to guide? Oh, it makes my heart weep!"

The escorts actually have a blog that gives prolifers an insight on how we are viewed by the other side.  As Sarah wrote, "It's like some kind of alternate universe to read ..."

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