Mar 12, 2010

My Journey: Communion on Tongue Childish ? et. al.

I went for the parents' class of the First Communicants and was surprised by how our parish priest characterized receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.  He said, "If we had hang-ups with receiving communion by the hand and want to be fed like a child, then the option of receive it on the tongue is still available but, we must teach our kids that they can receive it by the hand."  I was doing that because I did not want particles of the consecrated host to be left in my palm.

I had the cable TV service cut off and it worked wonders.  We sleep earlier and there was less mischief in the house - usually when kids mimic the cartoon network characters.  The family night prayers are succeeding and my good night talks have been received eagerly.  Last night, I spoke about the Eucharistic miracles - the blood showing in the host and the donkey kneeling at the manager.  Since my kids go to public schools, they have been exposed to non-believers so, they question a lot e.g. "Hiow do I know that?  etc..."    I patiently addressed their questions but in the end, it boils down to faith in Jesus Who is God.


Ben Trovato said...

He was quite wrong. Communion on the tongue is not childish and does not remain as an option.

It is a sign of humility and reverence, and of 'receiving' rather than 'taking' Christ.

It is not 'an option' - it is the normative way of receiving in the Western Church. Receiving in the hand is only allowed by an indult - a special permission: that is the optional version.

His remarks are themselves childish in the worst sense: ill informed and prejudiced.

Dawn said...

I am sorry to hear about that response from your Priest. I will pray for him. My son once knelt to receive and the Priest made him stand up. It was heartbreaking. Pray for lukewarm priests.

William said...

I receive Communion by the tongue BECAUSE IT IS CHILDISH.

I recognize that I am nourished and live by God's grace alone, and not by my own strength or independence. Nothing brings a greater understanding of humility and reverence than accepting the role of a child when you are an adult.

Shame on that Father for not understanding that.

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