Apr 21, 2010

Reflection of a guilt ridden tea partier

I have a son who stopped breathing through his nose and a wife who is squirming in pain. What if I didn’t have insurance? All these rushed through my mind as I drove them to the doctors. I have work but took the day off yesterday.  Being away made we worry about my job.  What if I were like my brother and friends who after months are still jobless?   All these made me reflect about my position against the insurance reform. Have I hardened my heart to those who are in dire straits?

I read that the supporters of the culture of dependence came from those making less than $50K and those making more than $200K. Those were the people who voted for Obama - those who need help and those who want to change the system to help them. They’re really not bad people; but for the grace of God, I too would be among those needing a handout.

Those in between are those who resist the culture of dependence.  I doubt if they are uncaring towards the plight of the poor. On the contrary, statistics show that these people give more to charity than those who think that the government should redistribute the wealth. And that’s where I find myself today.  Through taxes,  I am funding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid that provides healthcare for the poor.  And I don't mind.


I still feel convinced that the Health Care Law should be repealed because the reforms needed in the insurance industry will not be fixed by jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Because of that, I hate the Democrats for exploiting this crisis to advance their causes e.g. more government control and Socialism.

(About my son, he has allergies.  We'll try cleaning up his room first then consider allergy shots.  My wife's initial diagnosis was constipation. What can I say?)

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