Apr 9, 2010

Video: Debunking propaganda vs our troops in Iraq

Here's the truth.

Here's the propaganda:

Detailed Commentary:  http://rightwingnews.com/2010/04/exposing-the-wikileakscommunistmedia-alliance/
"These reports are a much-welcomed corrective to the WikiLeaks/communist/media propaganda machine, but it's not enough at this point. We'll see more stories claiming that U.S. forces attacked "civilians" (Roggio notes that the "rescue" van was patrolling all morning in nearby Baghdad streets while U.S. forces engaged insurgents), and the focus will be increasingly on the children who were wounded.

It'd be a grave miscarriage for U.S. military personnel, who meticulously observed ROE, to be charged with violating rules of war; and it'd be an even greater injustice to truth and common decency should this communist propaganda campaign gain even more domestic and international legitimacy than it already has. "

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