May 24, 2010

Music video: Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark (+ Christian reflections)

Do you have kids who's afraid of the dark?  Here's an interesting take on why that may be so.  The eternal flame reminds me of the many times the Lord Jesus compared Himself to Light.  See below.

If the video fails, click

"John presents man as either belonging to one of two things: the darkness or the light. There is no in between. The darkness is associated with death, while the light is associated with life. This theme is developed throughout the Gospel. In 1:4-9, John portrays Jesus as being the light of men and demonstrates that the darkness does not understand the light. John the Baptist came to bear witness of the light in order that men would believe through him. In the third chapter (19-21) Jesus states that the light has come into the world, but men have loved the darkness instead of the light because their works were evil. Evildoers hate the light and are afraid to go into the light lest their works be exposed. On the other hand, the ones who practice the truth come into the light so that it can be seen that their works were done through God. In 5:35 there is reference to John the Baptist as being a lamp that gives forth light. Jesus is also referred to as the Light of the World (8:12; 9:5) whereas the devil is called the "prince of this world" (12:31; 14:30; 16:11). In 12:35-36 Jesus tells the crowd that it is necessary to walk in the light because the person that walks in the darkness does not know where he is going. He also tells the crowd to believe in the Light in order to become sons of the light. Lastly in 12:46, he states that he has come as light into the world so that those who believe in him will not remain in darkness." from

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