May 18, 2010

Understanding the Vow of Chastity. It's a Spiritual Romance.

Source  Nuns during their perpetual religious vows details

We're created for the love of God.  Some can do it directly - like these nuns.  Others like myself did not receive that special gift of celibate love.  I do it indirectly through married love.  The first one is like going up on a helicopter;  the latter on the stairway.  The spiritual love is obviously better but it does have it's challenges.  For women, the loss of fecundity is the greatest temptation.  For men, I guess it would be the inability to pass the family jewels into the next generation to somehow perpetuate oneself through a child.  On the other hand, the rewards are awesome.  One can focus on loving God and serving His Church in total freedom.  One can fight fearlessly for the sake of God, justice or human dignity without any worry that one's child or spouse could be punished as a reprisal.  But the biggest plus is that one can love the heavenly Father in the very same way as His only begotten Son.  Celibate love enables one to love with that pure, total and complete self-giving of the Lord Jesus.  So, one can follow, imitate and be united with the Incarnate God in the most intimate way.  ( Who knows dear reader, the Lord might bless you with it - if you ask. )


Just another mad Catholic said...

Amen brother!!!

The fact that I wouldn't be able to have children was the biggest obsticle to embracing my call to the priesthood, I can also say that within days of embracing that call my love for God did indeed become more intimate.

Rick said...

Stop by when you make your final vows Jack (or sooner). God willing this blog will still be up and we can recall these posts as we praise and thank God. I'll pray for you - from time to time.

Just another mad Catholic said...

That Rick I will.

And before the married people reading this blog start feeling sad remember this, these Brides of Christ and myself (if ordained) will be judged more severely by Our saviour for having taken our vows. Did we reverenetly offer/hear Holy Mass? did we peservere in the recitation of Our Office?. In my case I will also be judged on the advice/pennances I give during Confession, my obediance to my Bishop and his successor (I hope to be a diocison Priest), did I by any means necessary sanctify my Flock by the preaching of the Gosepel and my example?

St John Chrysostom wrote a book on the Dignity of the Priesthood, reading it makes any priest/aspiring semmanairan tremble.

Also remember that celibicy does not automatically produce the Cure of Ars or Mother Angelica, St Teresa of Jesus was a very lukewarm Nun for many years and the very night he was ordained St Peter Denied Jesus.

Finnally pray for your priests and (for what its worth) my advice is to look at Bl Louis and Zellie Martin as role models for married couples.


Rick said...

Excellent point Jack. There will be times of aridity that will bring about doubts. But that's normal. Cfr.

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