May 14, 2010

Either Card. Chaput or O'Malley is Dead Wrong. (And Card. Mahoney ...)

On the issue of admitting a child from a same sex couple to Catholic school, one cardinal is definitely wrong.  I can say that with certainty because Card. O'Malley and Chaput took mutually exclusive positions so, one of them must be right and the other wrong - by definition with everything else being the same. 

Card. O'Malley allowed the child to enroll in a Catholic school in his archdiocese;  Card. Chaput supported the decision to exclude a child under the same circumstance from his. 

Acc. to Card. Chaput:  "Many of our schools also accept students of other faiths and no faith, and from single parent and divorced parent families. These students are always welcome so long as their parents support the Catholic mission of the school and do not offer a serious counter-witness to that mission in their actions."

I really don't know what Card. O'Malley was thinking.  I am with Card. Chaput on this one.

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The implications of this is that cardinals and bishops are not always right.  There is only one bishop with the charism of infallibility and that is when teaching matters of faith and morals under strictly specified conditions.  So, Card. Roger Mahoney in his opposition to the Arizona legislation may well be wrong too.

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Anonymous said...

Archbishop Chaput is not a cardinal. I am with the Cardinal on this one but it is obviously one tied to the pastoral styles of the respective bishops. Each is acting within their authority within their own dioceses.

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