May 4, 2010

Video: Need no-nonsense counter-terrorism not Obama lovefest with Muslims

Ever since Obama took office, we have survived 3 terrorist attacks by SHEER LUCK!  Don't any of you Democrats take credit for luck because that is not something you do.  Those attacks were not methodically  foiled or prevented systemically.  They were not foiled or prevented at all.

Also, can we now call a spade a spade?  I have Muslim friends and I know they're not terrorists but these Muslims are terrorists and they interpreted their creed wrongly. 

My point is can we drop the nebulous references if we even refer to them.  And why is it that everyone is afraid to say Muslim, Islamic fundamentalist, and Jihadist but no one has a problem suggesting that the perp might have been a member of the Tea Party?

With the spins about the Time Square bombing coming from Obama himself, let us be clear that having the attack fail on its own is not an achievement to crow about.  If the perps were smarter, then thousands would have been dead in three seperate occasions.  Those guys should not have even set foot on the plane going to the US.  The reason why the plot failed is because the terrorists were too intellectually challenged to execute successfully or they pissed on the fuse in their horror. 

But going forward, here is how it is done.  Thank Bush this time

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