May 17, 2010

Video: country bumpkin ad epitomizes political sentiment

This country bumpkin ad for a local office in Alabama, epitomizes the sweeping sentitment that will overhaul the American political landscape this year.  It's going viral because, it is suggestive of the preference to what is traditionally American - God and country, the flag, mom and apple pie.  Without mentioning  Eurotrash Socialism, Muslim Radicalism and pro-abortion legalism, it implies opposition to all that.  "We're better than that", he says.

At the risk of sounding simplistic and idealistic, I believe that this election will be a battle of integrity vs. corruption, self-sufficiency vs. dependence, faith vs. atheism, pro-life vs. abortion, marriage and family vs. "alternative life-styles" and self-determination vs. government control.  (And guns are good too.  It keeps the vermin away from the livestock and makes hunting deer easier.)  And this guy personifies all those good old-fashioned values shunned by the Democrats.

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