Jun 20, 2010

Of women and sushi. Or just as men need to be trusted, women need to be ...

From psychology I learned that women need to be loved as men need to be trusted.  It's just how the sexes respond to affirmation.  So I keep this in mind and drop casual and subtle messages of appreciation to my wife every now and then.  Like when we went for buffet tonight, I saw some eel sushi and got her a few pieces.  "I got these for you, I know you like them."  She trapped the eels with her chop sticks then chased them with that shaved ginger.  "Could you get some more?" she asked.  "Of course."  But it was gone, so I told the chef, "Eel?" He looked at me and said something in Japanese.  "What we have here is failure to communicate," I thought.  Then I saw the picture reference at the back wall.  "Naguri" I said while putting a buck at the tip jar.  He responded again but the tone assured me that I was getting eel.  Sure enough, he got a tupperware with eel and microwaved it.  You see, my wife is with child so she's not taking any chances with raw fish.  The eel sushi is cooked.  So, a little loving keeps the little lady happy.  And when the mother is happy, the children are happy.  It's that Reagan trickle-down economics.

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