Jun 29, 2010

To sound an alarm, Gen. McChrystal sacrificed his career - in vain.

Photo:  Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them.

How did Gen. McChrystal ask his president for help?  Not effectively.  But he saw no other way, not with the bozos who were managing the war.  The politicians did not care about the level of effort or the reality of their schedule.  They wanted to bring the troops home just in time for the presidential election.  Gen. McChrystal sacrificed his career to sound an alarm but it was ignored.  A president with military experience would have done at least a double take when he sees a galant soldier fall on his sword.  But an arrogant lawyer just doubles down.

"Obama set another misguided deadline -- this time to begin an American withdrawal from Afghanistan by July 2011. Whether the president realizes it or not, he is going to have to abandon that deadline as well -- and the sooner he does so the better. The Guantanamo deadline only cost him some momentary embarrassment; the Afghanistan deadline could cost us a war. ...As Missouri Sen. Kit Bond put it, if the withdrawal date stands, Obama is "setting [Petraeus] up for failure." The deadline is more than a tactical error; it is a strategic miscalculation that undermines almost every element of our efforts in Afghanistan."
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