Jul 12, 2010

About summer of 2010. ( vacation, movies, drowning, blogging, video games... )

Political Involvement.
Lately, I've been so involved with the Tea Party, that I have been paying the older kids to mind the 2 year old whenever she comes to pull me away from my writing.  I remember the classic movie "Mary Poppins" and that is enough to remind me how the window of childhood quickly passes.  Also, building a good relationship with them now ensures my continued influence through adolescence and beyond.  So, I make them my priority.  Others may do a far better job on writing about politics or spirituality but I and I alone am tasked with the job of being a daddy to my kids.

Vacations were meant to recreate our energies for the coming year.  Watch the video for more about this.
If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/07/about-summer-of-2010-movies-drowing-etc.html

Wasting time.
I remember that another word for love is time. One of the people I admire is Frank Padilla, a Harvard MBA who founded the ecclesial movement 'Couples for Christ'. Lately, I've been seeing a lot his pictures at Facebook with his grandchildren. Looks like he's been hanging around there a lot. The thought that came to mind was that someone like him can make $1000/hr. and yet he spends his time on an activity that can be done by a 12 year old girl. And knowing the man, he continues to work in the ministry. Then again, it is not all dollars and cents because if money can bring joy, then we wouldn't see suicide among rich folks.

Toy Story 3 got good reviews from the Vatican newspaper. More here.

Water Safety.
Drowning can happen in seconds. And drowning does not look like drowning. There's no splashing or yelling. So, beware when the kids turn quiet. More here.

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