Jul 9, 2010

Panthers, Klan and Patriots to party at Mall this Summer?

The New Black Panther Party  (If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/07/panthers-klansmen-and-patriots-to-party.html )  ( BTW, has anyone seen a panther that is not black? )

The New Black Panther Party plans to attend a Tea Party Event at the Mall this August.  In a video,  their leader puts themselves at the same level as the Tea Party.  That's apples and oranges.  Anyone who's been at a Tea Party knows that we're nothing like the Panthers.  Just look at us below.

The Tea Party Patriots

If I were to find a group that matches the panthers' attitudes and methods, then White Supremacist groups & the KKK come to mind. I wonder if these guys plan to be there as well.

The Klan


Anonymous said...

I love what you did here.
Making a comparison of the Panthers and the KKK is a perfect analogy.
This whole thing irritates me to no end. Glenn Beck has been planning that completely admirable event for at least six months. As with all tea parties, the hard-working, middle-class America will be there in the highest percentage

The Tea Party is in no way racist as the Panthers are. MSM has dragged the name through the mud.
There are a good amount of black folks at TP also.

The panthers are going there with the intention of starting a race war! The Obama administration will just stand by and enjoy the disruption.

The tea party will remain peaceful

Rick said...

Thank you. You're right as the Tea Party is indeed peaceful and decent. But what if infiltrators cause disorder? It can be an excuse for this admin to go after the Tea Party.

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