Jul 8, 2010

Vatican 2 Church as community failed in US public square

Vatican II made Catholics realize that they are the people of God, a community of faith.  This people aspect emphasized human rights,  justice and peace.  This is exemplified in the photo that shows how the Church has stepped up to block tanks and troops and avert a civil war in the Philippines back in the 70s.

Today, there is still an assault to justice and peace as the human rights of unborn children keep getting violated every day.  More than 60 million have been slaughtered in the US alone.  But where is the Church?

During the past elections, the Church left it to the conscience of the individual to decide whether to vote for pro-aborts of not.  What happened to the community;  why is now up to individuals?  And what about standing up for the rights of people - even if they are in the womb?

But it is as if Vatican II never happened as the Church failed to stand as a people to defend justice and peace.  It failed because of unfaithful bishops, priests and nuns who supported Obama and the Democrats  As a people, the Church has been dispersed by lies of fake Catholic groups and religious who blurred the Church's teachings as well as the candidates immoral stances.  The community of believers have been infiltrated, divided and mislead by other commmunity organizers.  The real community organizers of the Church were focused elsewhere.

Now the leaders of the Church are facing another opportunity to lead God's people in the public square as the November elections approach.  Will they rise to the challenge or will they succumb to the false prophets and dissidents that support abortion pols?

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