Jul 7, 2010

Video: Islamic dominance resulting from abortion, birth control, homosexual acts et. al.

I won't be alive if and when this happens in the states.  But it will be hell on earth.  If people will keep aborting their young, engaging in homosexual activities and beastiality, then hell will be unleashed in the form of Islamic Sharia law.  I wonder if they will legislate plucking out eyeballs of those who watch porn and cutting off the hands of those who masturbate.  But they do cut off the hands of those who steal and bash the skulls of women who fornicate today.

People have a choice, to do the right thing now for the love of God or cower under the laws of Islam later for fear of torture, amputation or death.

On the side, I wonder if this is the reason why the pro-Muslim administration is promoting abortion.

If video fails, go to: http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/07/video-islamic-dominance-resulting-from.html

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