Jul 13, 2010

Video: Restoring market forces damaged by Obamacare

Repealing Obamacare is like putting toothpaste back in the tube.  It's messy but it must be done to kept the situation from getting worse.  The next steps involve reviving the market forces that will bring back the efficiencies.  If video fails go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/07/video-restoring-market-forces-damaged.html

Video description: Government programs and intervention were making a mess of the healthcare system, even before Obamacare was enacted. Repealing Obamacare is a good idea and will prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. This CF&P Foundation video explains, however, that repeal is just the first step if we want to genuinely restore a free market and create an efficient and cost-effective healthcare system. http://www.freedomandprosperity.org/

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