Aug 23, 2010

Islams 9-11 trophy in Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the victims of Flight 93

Remember that other 9-11 crash site in PA?  Here's their trophy mark there.  (h/t to Creative Minority Report)




The way this cow dung is framed to qualify as freedom of religion is more twisted than a pretzel. They urinate on our feet then tell us that it is raining and have the media report it as such. And we let them. I guess we have no choice because they have their gangsters in the highest offices of our land who protect them and make laws in the same way i.e. piss then call it rain. It is just one bad ars mistake America. And Democrats side with the Muslims who are the victims in all this. This is FUBAR! I am not for persecuting them but neither am I for letting them erect their trophies and carve out their symbols in the fields of the victims blood. Perhaps we need more frothing in the mouth because without emotion, there is no action.


Subvet said...

I started to leave a comment, it rapidly became a lengthy rant. You're right on target with your observations. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

This is despicable. But God is not going to help a country that is hostile to Him and who is arrogant and foolish enough to think that we can make our own way without Him.

Whatever Divine chastisement we experience, we've earned because God is just.

We let the pagans and followers of false religions take all power and frame all issues. We get what we deserve.

At some point we need to gird the loins and put on the armor. Chamberlain-esque appeasement and effeminate "tolerance" never works.

Pray. Fast. Do penance.

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