Aug 18, 2010

Video: Surviving victims of Ground Zero speak. The mosque placement is their prerogative - imho.

I think that it is the victims' prerogative to forgive (or not) the Muslims that ended or broke their lives.  To forgive in their stead is unconscionable.  How dare anyone presume for the dead or bulldoze the survivors into positions.   Why not hear them out and for once be respectful and sensitive to their anguish.  If video fails, go to

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Subvet said...

Some talking head on Fox is quoted as saying we should "just get over 9/11"


Islam is a cult, a satanic counterpart to Christ's Church. It encourages the most base behavior from it's adherents, for proof of this ask any former prisoners of the Taliban & Al Queda.

Opps. I forgot. There are no such animals, every soldier or Marine captured alive has been tortured and put to death.

My bad, sorry.

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