Aug 17, 2010

Witnessing to purity and the Messiah at Myrtle Beach this Summer

While vacationing at Myrtle Beach, SC this summer, I got a chance to share my faith a couple of times and I felt that the Lord was pleased that I did not shy away.

I went to this convenience store to get milk and found some porn mags on the rack. I was simply going to ignore it as I headed towards the cashier when I thought, “Why give money to a man who sells porn?” So, I returned the milk and was on my way out then another thought came, “Tell him what you did and why. It might make him stop.” I am by nature shy but I mustered the courage to tell him, “I came here to buy milk but I returned it because I saw the magazines that you’re selling.” He retorted, “What does one have to do with another? Only stupid minds … something, something.” I forgot whatever he said after “stupid minds”. Rather than flaring up, I put my palm up as if to say, “Talk to the hand.” But I replied, “I’m just saying. Maybe others are doing the same.” And the suggestion is that, “You’re losing money.” He didn’t say anything after that.

Another time was when I stopped to get a haircut. I noticed Hebrew characters on a ticket and steered the conversation there. The barber was an Israeli so, we did some small talk about Israel and the current level of American support or lack thereof, the Torah and the loopholes, shaving, kosher kitchen and a lot of Jewish stuff. Because I studied in Maryland, I had a few Jewish friends. I also studied the Hebrew Scriptures for a few years. At the end, he was concluding about “being a good man but not fanatically religious”. I countered saying, “But what if G*d wanted to have a closer relationship with you? Why not read Isaiah to find out.” The Book of Isaiah is one that describes the Messiah as the Suffering Servant and that leads to Jesus. But it was enough to plant that seed and who knows how G*d will use it. Again, I felt great and my conviction seems to have deepened because of that.

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Subvet said...

Very good. We should all be as forthright in the practice of our Faith.

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