Sep 9, 2010

Pro-Choice Repubs, burning bad books, will dead men vote for Democrats, we've turned the other cheek,

A couple of pro-choice Republicans came out unabashedly from  the woodworks of NH.  Between them and a pro-life Democrat, I'd go with the pro-lifer.  Better the devil you know.  The Repub has already shown his face as a baby killer.  The pro-life Democrat may still be real. Besides life trumps bread anytime.

The Church opposes burning the Koran on 9/11 because it offends Muslims.  How about burning a pornographic magazine, the black book of Satanic incantations or instructions on how to make a dirty bomb?  I'm sure that will be alright anytime because those cause sin and evil.  So, anything that causes evil is OK to destroy.  But what if it offends the evil doers?  And what if the evil doers hurt us?  Perhaps we should just give in and become Muslims, Satanists, sex addicts and bomb makers.

Why does Eric Holder not let dead people get purged from the voter lists?  Will dead men walk this November and vote for the Democrats?    More at
If not that, how else can they cheat?  Read at

People say we should turn the other cheek on 9/11. We have. "Turning the other cheek" is the counter teaching against "an eye for an eye". That's the context. Christians do not seek revenge. They killed 3,000 civilians; we haven't gone after 3,000 civilians or crashed a plane in a Saudi commercial building. We have moved on. But some politicians want to interpret our Scriptures for us and say we should be doormats. To them I say, "After you."

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