Sep 5, 2010

US job situation also bad for those who are at work specially this guy...

by Steve Kelly
After Pelosi drained the swamp, she must have replaced the mud with feces.  In the history of Congress, there has never been a collection of criminals, nuts and perverts.  Did someone relocate the felons and emptied the sanitariums there?


Subvet said...

I wonder if we're not at a tipping point or close to one in the tolerance of elected crooks & liars. The sentiment of "throw all the bums out" seems to be growing, an impatience for business as usual is making itself manifest by the Tea Party's formation and support.

So maybe we're on the verge of things turning around. I certainly hope so.

Because the alternative is the formation of vigilante committees, those have been popular in the past and seem to be as American as apple pie. If that happens then we're really in deep kimchi.

Rick said...

@Subvet: I feel the revulsion in the air - specially when these Democrats and their come backs at the Tea Party that are not worth repeating. I hope you're right about having a rout instead of just a so-so victory that will end up in vigilante committees. I come from a blue state but I'll vote regardless and get all my friends to vote. There's always a chance for an upset like MA.

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