Sep 16, 2010

Video: the new GOP born of Grizzlies

Michelle Malkin: "Just say no to progressive wolves in elephants’ clothing"

Christine O’Donnell - an uncompromising conservative needed to fend off Obama's Socialistic agenda.

Mama Grizzly on common sense politics vs. establishment horse trading business as usual.

from Michelle Malkin


Barbara said...

Is this a religious blog or a politically partisan blog???

Personally, I think that God loves you if you're a Democrat, a Marxist, a Republican, or even a Socialist.

Anyway, it speaks volumes about O'Donnell that even Karl Rove doesn't like her. Then again, he's an atheist or an agnostic.

Rick said...

@Barbara: It's my blog with my own personal views of faith and politics. I agree that God loves everyone and longs for the sinner to change His ways.

God is true to Himself. Love does not make wrong right e.g. abortion is always wrong.

I am not privy to details about certain people so I limit myself to generalizations which may or may not be applicable. I leave that to the reader given her knowledge of particulars.

Thanks for your input. I always appreciate them whether they support or oppose my position.

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