Oct 16, 2010

How not to ruin your wife's bra

This is not about ripping it off from her in a moment of wild, uncontrollable passion.  And it is not about trying it on.  It is about washing it.

I help my wife with chores - no matter how unmanly because, it lessens her burdens.  I know how to do laundry for my stuff but not so much with bras.  If you just throw it in with the rest, it gets entangled with the machine or tangles up the other clothes.  So, the big secret is this netted laundry bag with a zipper.  It keeps the hooks and strings in place.  So there you have it - one happy bra or you can put many together.  But if little things help, then doing the laundry is one way to show love and nurture the relationship.  Come to think of it, she's probably is grossed out when she has to wash my underpants.  So, why not give her a hand.  For one thing, I bet you've never come across a police report where the husband gets shot while doing the laundry.  And besides,  St. Paul counsels, "Bear one anothers' burdens."


Subvet said...

I'll make a note of this. My wife does her own wash, in part because she wants it to survive the washer. Since I'm "Mr. Mom" I should add this to my chores. Thanks for the tip.

Rick said...

"You're welcome" from one Mr. Mom to another.

Smiley said...

Women and laundry = major expense

Let me explain, if wife does the laundry, she will separate whites from colors delicate from non delicate. so instead of 1 load you have 4 which is 4 times the cost.

when i do the laundry all of it goes together in cold water and voila its done.

Plus if you iron as soon as it comes out of the dryer it is much easier too

Rick said...

@smiley: cold is definitely more economical than hot or warm & ironing right after the dryer will just be touching up as no major wrinkles has set in yet. So, it is also quicker because we just run it when we get a full load instead of waiting to accumulate a full load of warm colors etc...
I also don't do softeners and bleach. It sounds like you don't either. So, we do it cheaper, faster and better. Who can top that?

mommakesmilk said...

Cold is good, but in order to get out milk--the human kind--warm water or some Dawn dish soap is a must. ;)

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