Oct 30, 2010

Is your district a fraud hotspot? Volunteer to save the election.

These Congressional Districts are the key spots where fraud is likely and Poll Watchers are needed.  Please help if you can!

CA-11 McNerney vs. Harmer

DE Carney vs. Urquhart
FL-2 Boyd vs. Southerland
FL-8 Grayson vs. Webster
FL-22 Klein vs. West
FL-24 Kosmas vs. Adams
IL-11 Halvorson vs. Kinzinger
IL-14 Foster vs. Hultgren
NV-3 Titus vs. Heck
NY-19 Hall vs. Hayworth
NY-20 Murphy vs. Gibson
NY-24 Arcuri vs. Hanna
NY-29 Zeller vs. Reed
OH-1 Driehaus vs. Chabot
OH-15 Kilroy vs. Stivers
OH-16 Boccieri vs. Ranacci
OH-18 Space vs. Dailey
PA-3 Dahlkemper vs. Kelly
PA-7 Cook vs. Meehan
PA-8 Murphy vs. Fitzpatrick
PA-10 Carney vs. Marino
PA-11 Kanjorski vs. Barletta
PA-12 Critz vs. Burns

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