Oct 7, 2010

Fixing a maintainable laptop. (a parable)

If video fails, go to http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2010/10/pick-maintainable-laptop-and-parable.html

Laptops break - particularly the hard drive. When they do, you can either take it to Best Buy and pay $100+ for labor to have it replaced or do it yourself.  I was successful with my HP Pavilion but not with my wife's Sony Vaio. 

The Vaio is not designed to have the hard drive replaced because, just like a Japanese car the parts are so crammed in and jumpacked that there is little room to move;  it is perfectly assembled i.e. if it will not need to be taken apart.  Also, it uses this very fine wires on paper-like connectors that require nerves of steel to be surgically reset on their original locations.  So, I have shelved that project for months now. 

The parable:
The Vaio was not built to have defects;  it did not have room for changes.  People have a tendency to be that way, to think that they're right and to resist changes.  And unless one makes it easy for God to replace defective drives and tendencies, then one remains broken.  Unlike the laptop, people can dispose themselves to be open to God's maintenance work by a humbly admitting one's failures and defects.  That's the first step in any addiction recovery program i.e. to admit the problem.  Only then can one be receptive to correction and be willing to try a new pattern of behavior.   That is the meaning of the story of the Pharisee and Publican who went to pray and why the Publican who said, "Forgive me a sinner (and meant it too), went home 'fixed' or justified.  The Pharisee who enumerated his virtues and religious practices went home the same.  He thought he did not need improvement, so he stayed exactly as he was - without improvement.

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