Nov 3, 2010

Revealing stats about blog posts

I finally got the blogger stats function to work and it was revealing. It showed what people wanted and made me think of what my blogging is about.

Top of the list is sex It’s the strongest drive in humans so it is leveraged by businesses or by anyone who wants to get anything. Sex is not bad. In fact, it can be enjoyed without guilt.

Second is violence I actually have a snuff post right here where you see a woman whacked literally with a hollowed block. It shows how a cult of so-called peace punishes the fairer sex for forgetting to feed a goat – at least that’s what was noted. I showed it to expose the lies about Islam; because, the father of lies is the devil. And in spiritual warfare, truth is the first casualty. I am not about to become a silent conspirator.

Third is abortion ads that made it through the media because of a technicality i.e. being part of a campaign I guess it is because the person is a public figure who had an abortion and regretted it. Perhaps, the viewers identified with her and saw what monstrosity this choice was all about – specially after seeing the babies. (Warning – the ad is graphic.)

Fourth is a social Venn diagram based on emotional dysfunction, intelligence, social ineptitude & possessiveness I guess people are interested about themselves naturally. Dale Carnegie wrote, “Talk to a man about himself and he will listen forever.”

The rest are tied: and most importantly It is again about Islam – how it systematically enslaves and how to leave it.

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